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We focus on the development for the textile industry

We specialize in designing and implementing ERP systems specifically tailored for the textile industry. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive consulting services and developing cloud-based systems for various textile processes such as trade, yarn twisting, yarn dyeing, weaving, dyeing and finishing, as well as clothing trade and production systems. Our cutting-edge supply chain platform seamlessly integrates both upstream and downstream systems, enabling automation and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Through our solutions, we aim to streamline processes and optimize resource utilization, ultimately helping textile businesses thrive in a competitive market.

Build your own supply chain

In order to ensure efficient and effective order management, it is crucial to keep subcontractors under control. One way to achieve this is by constructing your own supply chain. By building your own supply chain, you have the ability to carefully select subcontractors who align with your project goals and values. This will enable you to have greater control over the quality of work, timelines, and costs involved. Additionally, by maintaining a strong supply chain, you can establish relationships with reliable subcontractors, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing potential bottlenecks. Having your own supply chain also allows for better communication and coordination between subcontractors, promoting collaboration and synergy. Ultimately, building your own supply chain empowers you to effectively manage your subcontractors, enhance project outcomes, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Ledway your way

Automatic test of heavy loading has been successfully implemented, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in demanding scenarios. This innovative solution automates the testing process, allowing for accurate evaluation of the system's capabilities under extreme conditions. By simulating heavy loads, such as high user traffic or resource-intensive tasks, this test guarantees the system's ability to handle such demanding scenarios without compromising its functionality or stability. Through rigorous testing and analysis, any potential bottlenecks or weaknesses can be identified and addressed, enabling developers to optimize the performance and resilience of the system. With the automatic test of heavy loading in place, organizations can have confidence in the robustness and scalability of their applications, providing a seamless user experience even during peak usage periods.

UHF RFID Applied to WMS, Exhibitions and Showrooms

UHF RFID technology has been implemented in exhibitions to facilitate the collection of visitors' required items. This is achieved by allowing visitors to pass through RFID scanners, which are strategically placed throughout the venue. These scanners are capable of detecting and reading the unique RFID tags attached to the visitors' belongings or items they wish to collect. By using UHF RFID, exhibition organizers can streamline the process of item retrieval, ensuring a more efficient and convenient experience for visitors. This innovative solution eliminates the need for manual check-ins or cumbersome paperwork, allowing visitors to simply walk through the scanners and have their items automatically identified and collected. With UHF RFID, exhibitions can enhance visitor satisfaction and optimize the overall operations of the event.

NFC applied to manufacturing execution systems

Our research and development application of NFC (VHF RFID) has been integrated into the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to enable the monitoring of production progress in dyeing and finishing plants. This integration has brought immense convenience to users as they can now easily track the progress of their production processes. The use of NFC technology allows for seamless communication between different process of the manufacturing system, ensuring accurate and real-time data collection. By leveraging this technology, users can efficiently manage their dyeing and finishing plants, make informed decisions, and optimize their overall production efficiency.

The warehousing system is an efficient tool that enables us to effectively manage our shipments without the risk of any missing items. With this system in place, we can ensure that each item is accounted for, reducing the possibility of errors and improving overall productivity. The system provides us with an organized and streamlined process, allowing us to easily track the movement of goods, manage inventory levels, and fulfill orders accurately and promptly. This ensures that our customers receive their shipments on time and complete, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in our services. Additionally, the warehousing system allows us to optimize our storage space and make informed decisions regarding inventory management, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Textile ERP

Dyeing and Finishing System
a computer screen with a bunch of text on it
a computer screen with a bunch of text on it

WEBSUITE cloud transformation: seamless upgrade, familiar experience

In this rapidly developing digital era, enterprises are facing the challenge of migrating from traditional Windows applications to the cloud. WEBSUITE provides you with a perfect solution that not only emphasizes performance, security and stability, but more importantly, we ensure that the interface of the cloud version is consistent with your familiar window version to minimize user adaptation time and Resistance mentality.

Excellent performance and smooth experience

WEBSUITE uses the latest cloud technology to ensure that your application system runs efficiently and responds quickly. From data processing to user interaction, every step is optimized to deliver unparalleled performance.

Safe and reliable, protect data

We understand the importance of safety. WEBSUITE uses multiple layers of security, including end-to-end encryption, regular security audits, and instant threat detection to ensure your data is always protected.

The cornerstone of stability and business continuity

Stability is the cornerstone of cloud services. WEBSUITE provides a 99.75% uptime guarantee to keep your business operations uninterrupted.

Interface consistency reduces learning curve

Most importantly, WEBSUITE ensures that the cloud version interface is consistent with the window version. This means users can continue to use their favorite interface without changing their work habits, making for a truly seamless transition.

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person using computer keyboard

Ledway's WebUp system has greatly improved our efficiency and productivity. It's a game changer for the textile industry.

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a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk

The supply chain platform provided by Ledway has transformed our operations. Highly recommended!

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monitor showing Java programming

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